Donyet Ardit

The Donyet Ardit Circus Association, in Alicante, was founded in 1997. After a municipal juggling workshop, a group of young people began to come together to juggle. More and more people became interested in learning and sharing the circus arts.

The association began to have a presence in the city: parades, workshops, shows, etc. The national circus meetings organised by Donyet Ardit became a key event for his career.

The usual venues for Circus galas have always been the Paraninfo of the University of Alicante and the Teatro Arniches. They have always organized themselves with charitable purposes, also to promote the circus in the city and to raise funds to fund their projects.

From 2003 to 2009, this was the phase in which Donyet Ardit became known in Alicante. From 2008 onwards, the association entered the professionalisation phase, during this period one of the first professional circus venues in Alicante was inaugurated: the Disparate (a project that is currently continuing and is still evolving). Little by little, the events related to the social circus we’re gaining ground in the rest of the activities.

This was from 2011 onwards, as a result of collaborating with the Jóvenes Solidarios Program of the municipality of Alicante. It is from this collaboration that the social circus project in the Juan XXIII neighbourhood, in the Northern area of Alicante, was launched. Since then, Donyet Ardit’s efforts have been aimed at establishing a new social circus project (or socio-educational circus): weaving networks, training trainers and developing a competent pedagogical programme, to start new social circus projects in Donyet Ardit.

In 2012 Donyet Ardit organised a training of trainers as part of the European Youth in Action programme “Social Circus: tools for integration”. Young people from Hungary, Czech Republic, Turkey and Spain participated. This project was the one that gave rise to the pedagogical work of the association. The year 2015 was a key year for this trajectory, as the first phase of the socio-educational circus project was consolidated. Furthermore, in November 2015 Alicante was the headquarters of the General Assembly of the F. E. E. E. C. S. E. in which the collective was constituted as a Federation.

This allowed Donyet Ardit to take part in European projects for training, student exchange, teaching grants and invitations to socio-educational circus congresses, which are organised by some of the existing international platforms. Other important events in recent years are the meetings that have taken place with the students of Donyet Ardit at the Ateneu Popular de Nou Barris in Barcelona, which is one of the schools of social circus with the most traveled around the world.

Donyet Ardit’s general objectives are based on the work we do in the Northern Zone. The search for a space in the area makes us work with the public administration in a very specific way: presenting projects for adapting spaces, carrying out evaluations and monitoring of workshops, etc. As a result of this concretion of projects, we have consolidated the following general objectives for Donyet Ardit: To make possible the social integration of young people in disadvantaged situation in the northern area of Alicante. To promote cohesion between the neighbourhoods that make up the northern zone. Integration of the northern area in Alicante, making the potential of the area visible. Empower neighbors through the circus, giving them professional and creative tools.