Hungarian Juggling Association

The Hungarian Juggling Association is the PLATFORM in Hungary of independent circus artists and circus pedagogues. The organization gives an official background to all initiatives about juggling as a circus art, tool of social intervention, sport or hobby/ free time activity.

In its projects, the members of the association use the creativity, joyfulness, and challenge of juggling combined with a strong educational approach, in this way completing cultural, educative and civil missions.

The Hungarian Juggling Association evolves its activity both at national and international level.

The Association’s main 4 national missions are:

1. Run the INspiral Circus Space as the core space for practice, artistic work, networking and trainings. The space runs several circus workshops every day, 6 days a week, open for the public, gives place for practising, performing and doing trainings, and serves as a community place for meeting also.

2. Organize and coordinate international projects, meetings and events, among them the yearly Hungarian Juggling Convention.

3. Deliver social circus projects for the benefit of the wider community, targeting different vulnerable groups. The association has long term social projects with frequent circus workshops: in cooperation with youth centers among the Roma community both in Budapest and in the countryside; in the psychiatric institute for children in Heim Pál Hospital; with unaccompanied minor refugees, disabled children, and we deliver short term social projects with many different other target group.

4. Give opportunities to the members for networking and disseminate news to the community, therefore run a website: and a Facebook group.

Beside these main activities, we promote the national network of juggling clubs, and run a collective focusing on the research of teaching methods. We cooperate with important Hungarian circus professionals: organize common events and collaborate for the development of the circus sector.At international level the Hungarian Juggling Association is very active: The association has carried out, or was co-organizer, of more than 60 international projects during its 15 years activity. We are a member of several European professional networks and the coordinator of the Social Educircation European social circus network. The association, because of its wide international connections, is also an information point to the Hungarian community and transmits the European news at national level.